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PI-CODE presents a new era in skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal of colorful tattoos and benign pigmentated lesions with just a few treatments.
PI-CODE mode of operations is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin tissue.


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Pi-Code presents a new era in skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal, offering optimal results for wrinkle reduction, and removal of colorful tattoos, and benign pigmented lesions with just a few treatments. CELESTIAL PICO  mode of operation is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin.

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Picode offers an extensive array of applicators, each designed for a specific treatment and indication, together covering a full spectrum of solutions.

Picode Applicator

Pico Handpiece 1

Offers  9 spot sizes options, ranging between 2 and 10mm, addressing various types, severities, and depths of pigmented lesions and tattoos.
The applicator can be used both in Nd: YAG (1064nm) mode and Double Nd: YAG (532nm) mode, using a simple on-screen setup.

Picode Handpiece

Pico Handpiece 2

Employs a fractional delivery method that creates pixel-sized perforations in a 7×7 non-ablative pattern, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. These microinjury sites trigger a wound healing process that strengthens collagen and stimulates neo collagenases, completely rejuvenating the target tissue. 



Shortest Pulse Duration

Picode offers top-line technology featuring the shortest pulse duration in the market of 300-450 picoseconds. The ultra-short energy burst ensures optimal tattoo removal results with only a few treatments. This state-of-the-art flexible platform allows the practitioner to control multiple function parameters to create tailored treatments: wavelength, energy level, spot size, energy delivery mode, and repetition rate.

Double Pulse

Picode features a novel, proprietary technology which modifies the pulse profile –
delivering two sequential pulses within a single lasing cycle, instead of one. This new energy delivery mode extends common Picosecond laser technology benefits by enhancing the photoacoustic impact as well as adding a thermal effect.

Picode Handpiece
ND Yag Laser
Picode ND Yag Laser
ND Yag Laser Handpiece
Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatment
protocols are based on
fractional energy delivery at
various skin tissue depths. Picode excels the standard treatment protocol using 5 treatment depths unique feature.


Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Pi-Code mode of operation is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pules of energy into the skin tissue. A shorter pulse duration means a higher convergence rate of laser energy into the mechanical force needed in order of shattered particles are, from pebbles, to granule and up to thin dust.

Pigmentation Lesions
Pigmentation Lesions

Pigmentation Lesions

Pi-Code is able to treat both superficial & deep pigmented lesions. The dual-wavelength option allows up to treat epidermal-dermal lesions with its 532nm wavelength and deep pigmented lesions with the 1064nm to target melanin.

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Advanced Laser Technology

The PI-Code Elite Machine incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver precise and versatile laser treatments.

Its customizable wavelength options of 1064nm and 532nm, along with an adjustable frequency ranging from 1 to 10 Hz, offer practitioners unparalleled control and efficacy.

With a pulse width of 5ns, This machine ensures swift and efficient treatments, making it ideal for various procedures

Advanced Laser Teachonology

Music Equalizer

Wavelength options: 1064nm and 532nm for versatile treatments.

Adjustable Frequency: Operates between 1-10Hz for precise control.

User-Friendly Functionality

Laser Treatment

Red Laser Light Beam:m 650nm guide beam for accurate positioning.

Voltage Compatibility: Operates at 220v/10A, 50-60Hz  or 110v/10A, 50/60Hz for convenience.

Efficient cooling system


Precision Cooling: Regulates temperature effectively for constand, comfortable treatment.

Closed-cycle Water to Air Heat Exchanger:

Ensures Optimal cooling during procedure.

Pulse Width: Short 5ns pulses ensure efficient treatments.

Natural Beauty

Korean 7 Articulated Arm

PI-Code Elite's 7 Jointed Articulated Arm allows for precise targeting,


complemented by adjustable spot sizes ranging from 2mm to 10mm, ensuring flexibility in treatments.

The inclusion of  650nm Red Laser Light Guide Beam enhances accuracy during procedures, facilitating precise positioning for practitioners.

C Plus

The Q-Switched ND: Yag Laser Advantages For Pigmented Lesions And Multi-Colored Tattoos.

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C Plus

The Q-Switched Laser

The high powered Q-switched laser is the most effective method for removing natural or artificial pigmentation while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissue.

Photo - Accoustic Shockwaves

C-Plus delivers photo acoustic shockwaves to the target area through high laser intensifies in ultra-short nanosecond pulses. 

Single & Double
Pulse Technologies

C-Plus offers energy delivery in both single pulse and double pulse modes. Double pulse technology disperses the laser energy into two consecutive pulses.

Q Switched Laser

Maximum Power Q-Switched Laser

C-Plus presents the powerful triple mode Nd: YAG Laser treatment solution available, featuring Q-Switched, Laser toning and Carbon Laser on a single dedicated platform. With double pulse technology offering up to 1200mj per pulse, unique technological innovations including depth control and fractionated delivery. C-Plus is unmatched in its power and versatility for treating a wide range of aesthetic dermal indications.

The Q-Switched Laser


C Plus

Combined Q-Switch

Double Pulse Technology

Fractionated Delivery

Multiple Wavelengths

Unique Depth Control

Safe & Effective

Main Applicator

C Plus Applicator

Treats pigmented lesions and tattoos using a homogenized laser beam profile with uniform energy intensity, preventing hot spots. A square beam with 3×3 mm2 or 5×5 mm2 spot sizes allow for coverage of treatment areas without overlap. The Homogenizer handpiece may be used in Q-Switched laser mode.

Applicator Heads

C Plus Applicator Head

1064nm - F50

C Plus Applicator Head

1064nm - 0

C Plus Applicator Head

532nm -F50

the 3 handpiece delivers parallel beams of energy to the target tissue with minimal dispersion, regardless of distance from the skin. This allows practitioners to administer treatment without having to maintain continuous contact with the skin while also allowing better visualization of larger treatment areas. With a 5mm spot size, this handpiece offers an excellent coverage rate and high-speed treatment. 

C Plus Applicator Head

1064nm - 0

After applying the carbon cream the carbon particles absorb the laser light and explode instantly, removing impurities and keratin on the skin surface and helping to regenerate collagen.

C Plus Applicator Head

1064nm - F50

For Pigment disease at the demise layer with strong energy tattoo, Nevus of OTA.

C Plus Applicator Head

532nm -F50

For pigment disease at the epidermis layer with strong energy freckles, age spots.

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